Sunday, 3 June 2012

The Oscars - 'Thank You' without the tears

So we've reached the very end of the journey and it's time to goodbye!

I'll leave the blog up for a couple of months and also do some kit reviews as well as a comparison of the north and south routes.

This next section is a bit dull but it's only polite to thank those who have helped me achieve my dream! You never know but if you read it you might just spot your name.

Firstly thanks to Caroline, my long suffering wife, who even when I'm away is still the butt of so many of my jokes! We could have done a hundred and one other things with the money I've spent on climbing Everest and I am so very grateful that she likes the simple things in life ie me! Any way what's wrong with a Skoda.

To Henrietta for doing all of the hard work keeping the blog up to date as well as her amusing emails to me. To Victoria for her love and regular contact too. They'll never realise how much I looked forward to receiving their emails.

Thanks to the rest of my immediate family even though most of them thought me mad to try a second time. (It's ok I had my doubts as well).

To those who helped train with me and spur me on : Nick Helliar, Saxon Ridley, Stephen Straughan, Jeremy Savage, Philip Arundale (best fruit and veg in North Wales!), Sally & Mike Leach (Sally you know in your heart of hearts I let you beat me back to car!!).

To Jagged Globe and in particular David Hamilton for making the trip so enjoyable, safe and successful.

To all of you who kindly made a donation for my two chosen charities. I am very grateful. We're only about halfway towards the target so if you've overlooked it please have a look now!

To all of you who kindly offered your support and sent good wishes.

To the Dartmoor Rescue Group - Ashburton section for excusing me from training.

Finally, the biggest THANK YOU goes to you the reader (of which there were over two thousand by the end!). I sadly don't know who most of you are but I do hope you have enjoyed reading about my exploits as much as I have writing about them (please note that for those of you from abroad I'm very happy to come and show you my pictures in return for free accommodation for me and my family!).

As the comedian Dave Allen used to say:

'Whoever your God is, may your God go with you. God Bless'

Best wishes


Ps if your name wasn't mentioned please try and make it from the following word whilst thinking of Julie Andrews leaping around in the Austrian mountains. Good luck!

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious -

Just saying it should put a smile on your face!


  1. Nice one Ian. Congratulations on a very successful trip and an excellent blog. If you do take the blog down, make sure you replace it with the book!!

    Have a safe journey home and I look forward to catching up with you at training and of course your sideshow and talk.



  2. Ian,
    I and some of my family have 'enjoyed' reading of your exploits, knowing that our Cian was doing the sames kind of things, at more or less the same time, with the same group of Jagged Globe staff/Sherpas.

    I am looking forward to reading your considered opinions of kit and the comparison between the north/south routes.

    May I wish you and yours every good wish in both your personal and professional lives.

    Donal O'Brolchain Ireland

  3. Hey Ian,

    Have loved reading your blog! Sometimes if I squinted I could pretend I was still in Nepal and not back in the daily grind of home. I hope you'll keep blogging all of your next adventures :)

    xx Jenna